Our partners


Magnaplast Sp. z o.o. is a part of German holding that deals with processing of plastic materials which possess plants all over the Europe. MAGNAPLAST offers you: Internal sewage system Htplus, debt-DB, PVC outdoor sewage system KG MAGNACOR, Plastic manhole system SC, DR Drainage pipes and water pipes PE.


UAB "ViaCon Baltic" is an engineering wholesale company that not only produces but also develops and supplies a wide range of products such ass: road construction materials, bridge construction materials, drainage pipes, waterproofing materials, geotextiles, geogrids.


Evopipes is modern and innovative manufacturer of polymer pipe systems that can offer water and gas, sewage diversion, electrical and general construction pipes.
Evopipes focuses on innovative and high-quality products and their improvement.


Ekolangai offers - plastic, wood, aluminum profiles for windows and doors, blinds, shutters, doors, steel interior and exterior doors, plastic and aluminum balconies. The company works only with well-known manufacturers of high quality products, as Brugmann, GEALAN, SALAMANDER, VEKA.


We can offer a wide range of high-quality, well-known TYVEK, DuPont, Jutadach products. We also can offer shower and toilet, office partitions, packaging materials and much more.


The company, PROCOLOR, can offer you putties, paint, glue, oil and inpregnantus, wood and much more.
PROCOLOR products are CE marked in accordance with EU legislation.


JSC "Mida LT" - the only factory in the Baltic countries, producing polymer bitumen roofing: different colors, modifications, thickness and geometric forms of flexible tiles for pitched and roller coatings for flat roofs.