About us

Joint Stock Company "LITNORVA was founded in 2009. This company is successfully operating in Lithuania since 2009.


We represent the majority of construction material manufacturers, thus we can offer a wide range of products with attractive prices to satisfy our customer’s needs.


In addition to trade we have also engaged in other activities - design, renovate, perform finishing work, sell and install windows, doors, mobile partitions and raised floors. The company and employees are also certified for special-purpose buildings


Our partners It is important to us Everything for your dream house


We represent

We represent and work with reliable manufacturers of building materials. More about them you can find in the produce section.




Quality is important to us, therefore we only work with approved and certified EU products.


Sales Representatives

As your sales representatives, we can offer quality items for your planned building, everything from windows, doors, pipes, insulation materials, facade panels, OSB-boards and much more.